I'm a photographer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Just like anyone, I hate to put myself in a box, but some of my favorite activities include architectural photography, animal portraits, candid portraiture, and macro/product photography. 

I've photographed million dollar homes, documented fine art for galleries and created album covers. I've captured products for Amazon marketers and e-commerce businesses. I've shot national events like the Color Run, and I've had photos used in Architectural Digest, Santa Fean magazine, and the Santa Fe Reporter. And I've also taken pictures of kids' science projects and birthday cakes for friends.

Every picture I take is a puzzle, a challenge, a unique little game with more than one unique solution. As a professional musician with over 40 years of experience on my instrument, I love the improvisational aspect of photography as well. (You can check out my award-winning group Kodama Trio on the web, and a little of my own music can be found at mullicious.com if you're interested.) 

I get inspiration from almost everywhere: the beautiful state I live in, dogs, my little family, music, the amazing pictures other people take. Rocks. Old cars. New friends. Delicious food. The sky. Words. A lot of the things I end up photographing are either huge landscapes or teeny little macro shots, and I love working with people to capture special moments with their families, their businesses, and their animal friends. 

I also like to help people; if you're starting a business and want to barter to stretch your dollar, if you rescue dogs and need some shots, if you'd like to use a shot of mine for your publication, let's figure something out!


Thanks for stopping by!

Marshall Karp fans: In Marshall Karp’s novels about L.A. detectives Lomax & Biggs, the character “Muller” loves The Simpsons and plays jazz piano. He’s married to a Danish woman who takes in stray dogs whenever anyone asks. And he’s a technologist who helps the detectives solve crimes. He eventually gets fed up with his involvement with music and finds that his deepening passion for photography in his non-work time even helps solve a crime. I don’t solve crimes and I don't say "dude" nearly as much as the guy in Marshall's book, but otherwise, I’m a whole lot like that person. Marshall Karp is a friend, a mentor, and my former boss from my days working in the zany dotcom boom and bust in New York, and the development of his Muller character is – not coincidentally – closely tied to the development of at least one actual Muller.